KOYO M-24121 Bearing Specifications

KOYO M-24121 Bearing

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Ball bearings 84828000 7468000 Ball or roller bearing (incl combined ball/roller bearings),excl 848210-5 84831000 7481000 Transmission shafts (incl. cam and crank shafts) and cranks 84832000 7482100 Bearing housings, incorporating ball or roller bearings 84834000 7484000 Gear,gearing,chain sprocket, gear boxes/speed changes 84841000 7492010

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Ball bearings 84811000 7471000 Pressure-reducing valves 84818090 7478090 Other taps, cocks, and similar appliances for pipes, boiler shells, tanks, 84819000 7479000 Parts of valves and similar appliances of 8481 73151100 7483100 Roller chain of iron or steel 84834000 7484000 Gear,gearing,chain sprocket, gear boxes/speed changes 84835000 7485000

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